short story about our agency

Is there anyone who disputes the biggest issue in old age should be the health and financial security, the biggest topic of retirees living in the world living 100-year-old age of human life was unthinkable just half a century ago?

In the early 80s, when I started insurance, i was responding to the needs of customers who had at least mere amount of life insurance at the level of parental care for their children that funeral expenses should not be transferred to their children, but how can We live a laid-back and lead a decent life today, not worrying financisl need?

Since 1983, I have worked as a life insurance agent in Chicago and the suburbs, and has long experienced the evolution of long term products, linking your savings to insurance products so as to grow as you receive your pension so long as as you live and transfer remaining cash value to your children and grandchildren's as legacy without much tax liability or trust set up. It is announced as a sales mission to introduce the latest retirement pension products of the superior insurance companies offering daily compounding connecting growth with many combination of innovative indices blending.