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The reason why insurance is called as assurance

First of all, I would like to tell you my story briefly to get empathy among people who come to the United States as immigrants at around same time I came to the States.

On a very cold day in January, 42 years ago, my immigration journey began by landing to O’hare Airport to study English as second language training, and 10 months later my family joined me from Korea.

Diverting the original purpose, I had to get job in car parts manufacturing vender to GM by being referred to the employer by my Korean work colleague who went through the job ahead of me. A year later I acquired an insurance license in 1983 under the judgment that the vender job would not provide means to make living.

Later I went to the funeral wake of an American colleague's mother. Many came to condolence the family of deceased carrying in a simple foods or a bouquet of flowers to comfort bereaved family, most shared the memories with deceased. I was one who not get used the funeral custom. I handed out the the envelope with money inside to my friend when I said goodbye my friend. The friend gave the envelope back to me and said, "Mother has left a substantial amount of money covering funeral expenses as well as a tangible amount from his mom’s life insurance. At the moment, I thought this was the insurance product I could sell. Since then, I often quoted this story when I sell policies to my prospects. I still remember that I sold $ 30,000 of face value life insurance to myself.

Insurance products in the United States continue to evolve in many different forms.

Depending on how you want to secure your financial future, you need to compare dozens of life insurance products, and the ones that you're most interested in insurance shopping are, 'What amount of face value for what purpose? I can help my clients choose the right product for their needs and circumstances.

With variable circumstances in mind, including changes in age and family composition, it is necessary to adapt not only insurance but also adjust and allocate of all assets to respond to changes. Insurance is also a commodity, so as TVs and mobile phones being evolved to meet the needs and changes of consumers. Carriers compete

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